Mobile Hearing Testing

Meet OSHA/MSHA/FRA audiometric exam compliance

Mobile Health Testing

Onsite mobile audiometric exams save your organization time and money.

Our flagship 10-booth and 8-booth audio only mobile units are configured to test up to 30 workers per hour. Other mobile unit configurations include 6-booth, 5-booth, 4-booth, and 2-booth styles.

  • Workers remain onsite which minimizes time away from work
  • Travel risks associated with workers going offsite are eliminated
  • Turn-key audiometric testing program management
  • Physician and Audiologist oversight

Watch our simple 4-step audiometric exam process.


Hazard Awareness and Employee Education

At Eagle Onsite, we help workers build healthy work habits for life. We support employers in promoting a safe and healthy work environment with a special emphasis on preventing worker hearing loss and other workplace injuries.

Employees exposed to high noise levels is the #1 occupational hazard in the manufacturing sector.

Typical Exam Process

Step One

Hearing History Questionnaire and Otoscopic Examination

We collect a hearing history questionnaire from each worker and perform an otoscopic examination prior to testing.  

Step One

Step Two

Audiometric Exam

We verify all employees have proper headset configuration prior to testing and present instructions over the headset in English, Spanish, or almost any other language needed. Our booths are designed to exceed regulatory requirements for ambient noise reduction. Should any interference  occur during testing, our in-booth noise monitoring system immediately detects the interruption and pauses the exam until permissible noise levels permit continuance of testing.

Step Two

Step Three

Sign and Sanitize

Upon completion of the audiometric exam, two copies of the hearing test result are printed. The first copy is signed and retained for the employer.  The second copy is provided to the worker upon exiting the mobile unit.  Once all workers have exited the mobile unit, our professional staff sanitize all high touch points within the mobile unit such as headphones, response buttons, doorknobs, pens and countertops.

Step Three

Step Four


We have a proprietary reporting system designed to deliver test results faster than the industry standard. Initial test results are generally available for employers within 24-72 hours after testing is complete.  We realize the clock is ticking to complete retests, follow-ups, and medical recommendations.  Rest assured, as your compliance partner, you are in good hands with our professional staff and proprietary reporting application.

Step Four

Step Five

On-going Support

Our team of Industrial Audiologists, Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physicians, and Data Management Specialists help support our customers with audiometric testing program compliance, Standard Threshold Shift (STS) case management, and work-relatedness determinations.

Step Five

We support safe workplace initiatives.

For more than 40 years, the professionals at Eagle Onsite have provided onsite audiometric exams and promoted hearing loss prevention through healthy hearing habits at work, at home and at play. Workers receive a PROTECT YOUR HEARING AT ALL TIMES sticker upon returning to work. As your compliance partner, we help educate and remind workers about noise hazards and hearing loss prevention.



Mobile Hearing FAQ

Our 8-booth audio-only mobile units can test up to 8 workers every 20 minutes or up to 24 workers per hour.  Our 6-booth audio-only mobile units can test up to 6 workers every 20 minutes or up to 18 workers per hour.

Yes.  Hearing History Questionnaires are made available to workers prior to testing.

Yes.  Otoscopic exam results are documented on the Hearing History Questionnaire upon entering the mobile testing unit.

We utilize instantaneous sound level meter devices in our mobile units.  If at any time noise inside of the testing booth exceeds OSHA permissible ambient limits, our audiometers do not record a test value.  Our sound level meters meet the ANSI requirements for both a Type 2 Octave Band Filter and a Type 2 Sound Level Meter and therefore help testing always remain compliant.   

Yes.  Our microprocessor audiometers can give instructions in over 50 languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Arabic, Korean and German.     

According to OSHA, “…audiometric tests shall be performed by a licensed or certified audiologist, otolaryngologist, or other physician, or by a technician who is certified by the Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation, or who has satisfactorily demonstrated competence in administering audiometric examinations, obtaining valid audiograms, and properly using, maintaining and checking calibration and proper functioning of the audiometers being used. A technician who operates microprocessor audiometers does not need to be certified. A technician who performs audiometric tests must be responsible to an audiologist, otolaryngologist or physician…”

Yes, we comply 100% with this requirement.  In fact, while we do exclusively utilize microprocessor audiometers, we still require our technicians to be CAOHC certified.  Furthermore, all technicians are responsible to our Professional Team which includes both Audiologists and Physicians.        

Our audio-only mobile units require single-phase, 50AMP, 120V/240V, 4-wire power.

Yes.  Our audiometric testing mobile units are pulled by trucks with on-board generators.

We prefer to use power supplied by our customers when it is available.  If the appropriate outlet is installed prior to testing or already exists, then everything should be plug-and-play.  Before energizing the trailer, however, we ask that an electrician onsite verifies outlet polarity, voltage, and amperage.  Our mobile units require single-phase, 50AMP, 120V/240V, 4-wire power.

The preferred outlet is a NEMA 14-50R.

Yes.  All mobile units have pigtails available for an onsite electrician to wire into a breaker box with single-phase, 50AMP, 120V/240V, 4-wire power.

Typically, there is no pain, no visible trauma, no scarring, may take years to diagnose, and is GRADUAL, PERMANENT, and 100% PREVENTABLE.

People with hearing loss experience various levels of disruption in relationships, may have a loss of self-confidence, are sometimes confused or impatient, have an increased stress level or sense of fatigue, may find others talking down to them, or may find group activities less enjoyable.

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