Onsite Physical Exams

Comply with Local/State/Federal Examination Requirements

Physical Exams

The Eagle Onsite Exam Team consists of Board Certified Occupational Medical Physicians, Radiology Technicians, Nurses, Phlebotomists, CAOHC Certified Hearing Test Technicians and NIOSH Certified Spirometry Technicians.

We specialize in providing onsite physical exam services to meet various medical requirements such as:

  • Respirable Crystalline Silica Exams [1910.1053; 1926.1153]
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle “DOT” Driver Exams [FMCSA 49 CFR 391.41]
  • Fire Department Firefighter Exams [NFPA 1582]
  • HazMat/HAZWOPER & Emergency Response Team Exams [1910.120(f); 1926.65]
  • Fire Brigade Exams [1910.156]
  • Asbestos Exams [1910.1001(l); 1926.1101(m); 1915.1001]
  • Benzene Exams [1910.1028(i); 1926.1128; 1915.1028]
  • Chromium (VI), Hexavalent [1910.126(k); 1926.1126(i); 1915.1026(i)]
  • Formaldehyde Exams [1910.1048(l); 1926.1148; 1915.1048]

Common Exam Components Include:

  • Physical Exam by Board Certified Occupational Medical Physician
  • Digital Chest X-Ray with Physician, Radiologist or NIOSH B-Reader Interpretation
  • Urinalysis Collection with CLIA Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Blood Specimen Collection with CLIA Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Resting EKG
  • Hearing Test (Audiometric Exam)
  • Vitals (Height, Weight, Blood Pressure Check, Pulse)
  • Vision Screen
  • Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry Exam)
  • Respirator Medical Determination
  • Respirator Fit Test

Physical Exam FAQs

Yes.  We bring all necessary equipment and personnel directly to your worksite.

While we can scale up or down to meet demand, we base the number of employees to be seen per hour on how many practitioners we provide onsite and the type of physical exam we are asked to provide.  One practitioner can easily examine one worker every 10-15 minutes.  Our practitioners understand the value of employee time away from work.  Each employee exam will be thorough and will include time to discuss exam results confidentially with our practitioner.

No.  However, some exams do require fasting.  When fasting is necessary, our team will provide appropriate instructions in advance.

Yes.  We have DR X-Ray systems on all physical exam mobile units.

Yes.  We have several NIOSH Certified B-Readers available to interpret X-Rays and report appropriately.

Our physical exam mobile units are powered with bumper-pull diesel generators.  In some cases, we supply power.  In other cases, our customers provide power.  During the quotation process, this component is addressed. 

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